Our Mission

Martial arts is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Yet there isn’t anywhere to give it a voice in the literary community—until now.

At Clinch, our goal is to bring the martial arts and creative writing communities together. Or, at least, get the two acquainted. We feel that the martial arts are easily misunderstood by anyone that isn’t a fan or practitioner of the sport. But we know it’s predicated on respect, self-discipline and beauty. And we want to show the literary world that as well!

So send us your work that displays the good, bad, and eccentric qualities of martial arts. An essay on the life lessons you’ve learned from Jiu Jitsu. A short story about a massive underdog pulling off an upset in the boxing ring. Or a poem on Cory Sandhagen’s flying knees.

Or maybe you want to explain why martial arts is appalling, and that the sport’s fans are brutes and uncultured swine. Which is fine by us. No judgement here.

If it’s good writing, and encompasses the martial arts—including boxing—in any way, shape, or form, we want it. Show us your submission game.

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