Submissions for Issue IV are now OPEN through September 30th! 

Please send all submissions as an attachment to In your subject line, please include the genre of which you are submitting to (ex. Poetry, Nonfiction, Fiction, Visual Art). Submissions that don’t include a specific genre in the subject will not be considered for publication, nor will pieces that are pasted in the body of the email. We appreciate cover letters, but they aren’t required.

We are now a paying market and can offer our writers and visual artists a $15 honorarium if their work is accepted, payable via our Venmo (@clinchlit) on the day of publication. 

We offer a $5 Personalized Feedback option on your piece that includes what’s working in the piece and suggestions to consider for future drafts. This feedback will be given regardless of whether the piece(s) are accepted. While we are still offering both the Tip Jar and Personalized Feedback options, we now ask that you send the payment to our Venmo (@clinchlit) and note your doing so in the submission email. You can also always use our ‘Donate’ page as well.

Also, please skim our sample readings and editor preferences (on sidebar and below, respectively) to see what we prefer. Also, consider these general guidelines:

  • Submissions do not have to mention the martial arts—though we prefer those that do. Instead, all submissions must share in the virtues of martial arts, those of patience, meditation, and surprise, whether that be in their technique or in their content.
  • We consider:
    •  Fiction and creative nonfiction (up to 5,000 words; novel and memoir excerpts are acceptable as long as they may stand on their own.)
    • Poetry (up to 3 poems, no longer than 10 total pages; please submit as one document)
  • All submissions must be previously unpublished. That includes personal postings, e.g. those on an author’s website or social media.
  • We reserve First Electronic and First Print Rights to any piece we accept and publish. All other rights remain with the writer. If a piece we publish is reprinted elsewhere, we ask the writer acknowledges Clinch as its first venue of publication.
  • We encourage simultaneous submissions. If a piece is accepted elsewhere, please notify us via the original submission email to withdraw it as soon as possible.
  • If you wish to make edits or changes on an accepted piece, please notify us BEFORE the piece is published in an issue. We can’t promise that we’ll respond to edit requests for published pieces.

Fiction Suggestions

Nonfiction Suggestions

Poetry Suggestions

"A 'good' short story feels like a complete package: compelling characters, interesting and diverging themes, and a cohesive plot. However, these aren't boundaries—instead, think of them as benchmarks for how resonant the story will be to readers."
Tyler Martinez
Fiction Editor
"We are looking for nonfiction that encapsulates the intensity and creativity seen in the martial arts. Whether it be experimental tracts or the conventional essay, we are excited about pieces that profoundly speak to us both emotionally and stylistically."
Shahriar Shaams
Nonfiction Editor
"I'm looking for the unique—stories I've never read before and will likely never see again. Martial arts is not one simple form or technique and, as such, the poetry reflected shouldn't be simply written or based. Show me a different perspective, challenge the meaning of martial arts and what it means to be a Warrior Poet."
Ian Jackson
Poetry Editor